Friday, December 31, 2010


The Goddess Fulfaggotra Laura Cerwinske, 2000

The present contains every possible destiny.

Prayerfully, let us ask for 2011, that:

We more deeply understand that forgiveness is a willingness to see from another point of view.

We celebrate the willingness to trust the infinite, unpredictable nature of the universe to shape and move us.

We surround ourselves with others who are similarly allied in building the strength, focus, and responsiveness necessary to fulfilling our vision.

We appreciate vision as an instrument of liberation, understanding that a vision is not a goal; a vision requires conscious action to deliver a conscious outcome in conscious form.

We embrace all that is organic, dynamic, intuitive, meditative, energetic, holographic, and holistic.

We apply that which is linear, analytical, mechanical, orderly, and measurable only in the service of beauty, creativity, nourishment, and alliance.

We acknowledge our ancestors daily, cultivate our gardens, make peace with our mothers, and express our gratitude to Creation with every breath.

We live by Grace.

Love to All,


with acknowledgement to Dianne Collins, creator of QuantumThink® and author of the forthcoming book, Do You Quantum Think? New Thinking That Will Rock Your World. <>

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


The Ladies are Amused by Laura Cerwinske

BOOK: Journey into the Past by STEFAN ZWEIG is a “between the wars” psychological novella that was found among author’s papers after his death. It is now published for the first time in America with an introduction that explicates the agony of Sweig’s cultural alienation.

ARTIST: EMANUELE VISCUSO answers to a whole gallery of Renaissance muses. His fan-like sculptures synthesize the elegance of Brancusi and Fortuny. His trompe l’oeil painting would make the Duke di Montefeltro weep. And then there is all the rest.

INTERVIEW: Be prepared to laugh out loud…and often: FRAN LEBOWITZ on the agony of writing (from the brain, that is, and NOT the fingers – imagine if she took RADICAL WRITING Take a look:

VIDEO: See this documentary on the life of writer/activist GRACE PALEY to gain a vast understanding of a writer/artist’s commitment.

THOUGHTS: On Contradiction
by filmmaker Shekhar Kapur

When we consider a script for a potential film, we look for a story on a plot level, then we look for a story on a psychological level, then we look for a story on a political level, then we look for a story on a mythological level. We need a story on each level. It is not necessary that these stories agree with each other. What is wonderful is, many times, the stories contradict each other. So when I work with Rahman, who’s a great musician, I often tell him, “Don’t follow what the script already says. Find that which is not. Find the truth for yourself, and when you find the truth for yourself, there will be a truth in it. It may contradict the plot, but don’t worry about it.”

Everything’s a contradiction. The universe is a contradiction. And all of us are constantly looking for harmony. Harmony is the notes that Mozart didn’t give you, but somehow the contradiction of his notes suggests harmony. It’s the effect of looking for harmony in the contradiction that exists in a poet’s mind, a contradiction that exists in a storyteller’s mind. A storyteller’s mind is a contradiction of moralities. In a poet’s mind, it is a conflict of words. In the universe’s mind, it’s between day and night. In the mind of a man and a woman, we’re looking constantly at the contradiction between male and female.

The acceptance of contradiction is the telling of the story, not the resolution. The problem with a lot of the storytelling in Hollywood and many films is that we try to resolve the contradiction. Harmony is not resolution. Harmony is the suggestion of a thing that is much larger than resolution. Harmony is the suggestion of something that is embracing and universal and of eternity and of the moment. Resolution is something that is far more limited. It is finite. Harmony is infinite. So storytelling, like all other contradictions in the universe, looks for harmony and infinity in moral resolutions, resolving one, but letting another go, letting another go and creating a question that is important.
- Shekhar Kapur, filmmaker (Bandit Queen, Elizabeth) in a TED presentation
. [Edited]