Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Laura Puts, words, ideas: READING THE CRYSTAL BALL

Laura Puts, words, ideas: READING THE CRYSTAL BALL


Several years ago, during a not-uncommon quest for motivational clarity, I took a terrific course called QuantumThink given by the visionaries Dianne Collins and Alan Collins. Dianne's process and Alan's coaching gave me precisely the support and focus I needed to propel me into effective action. In a recent email from them, they shared

7 Questions to Get Your Big Idea Clear which is the basis for their upcoming QuantumThink Mastery Intensive Series. Their advice is so spot-on and effective, I wanted to share it:

1. What is the ONE big idea you are passionate about getting into action?

2. What is the INTENT of your idea? How does it serve others?

3. Who is your AUDIENCE or market? What specific groups would appreciate, purchase, use and enjoy your big idea?

4. What is the primary factor you think/feel/believe has stopped, slowed, or thus far PREVENTED your idea from manifesting?

5. What are “the FRUITS” for you, once your idea is in action?

6. When your idea is in action, what will you be doing every day as your new LIFESTYLE routine?

7. What new IDENTITY would need to emerge in you, in how you relate to yourself—to manifest, maintain, and sustain the success of your idea in action?

Of course these questions are perfect material for Radical Writing, both for people who have taken my course and already know how to apply the process to responding as well as for people who are would want to learn the magic of effortless self-expression. The next session for Radical Writing: the 15- minute-a-day Online Course in Uninhibited Self-Exploration begins this coming Monday, September 6th. (Register at: The course requires no previous writing experience or any expertise whatsoever.

Dianne and Alan's QuantumThink Mastery Intensive – Idea Into Action Course starts Monday, September 27th via teleconference. For information contact: or if you prefer, call him directly at (305) 354-8141.